What is the bunk house?

The bunks house is a 16x12 cabin that was built in 2018, it serves a place for all guests to stay while either getting ready to go into the field or getting ready for a return trip home. To see a video of the bunk house go to youtube search High Country Guide Service and then click on the video labeled bunk house.

How do I get my trophies, hides, and fish home?

All hides, capes, and heads will be field prepared here at no charge.

from there we can make arrangement to have it expedited and shipped to your broker/taxidermist or we can have are local guy do that for you. Call for expediting prices.

Or if you want a cheaper route we can clean skulls and expedite in house. In house expediting is for destination inside the U.S.A. only.

All fish will be cleaned bagged and frozen on multi day trips. One day trips fish are cleaned and bagged only.

If you need to ship your fish outside of Alaska we can recommend some local company's that will freeze store and ship for you, or the cheap route some folks like to buy a cooler at the end of the trip with some dry ice and ship it to themselves.

What do I need to bring in regard to clothing and gear?

Once you book your trip Matt will be in contact with you about gear and clothing and you will also receive an extensive gear list. Having good gear and taking great care in preparation for your trip is a must this is the land of extremes and having good gear cannot only be the difference between success and failure but life and death. 

What about travel/trip insurance and medivac coverage?

We have never had an incident that require's emergency medical attention, however  things happen and we are in uncertain times so as of 6/10/20 we are strongly recommending trip insurance for all clients. This is mostly a move to protect clients with all Covid-19 related issue's. If trip insurance is something new to you, please contact Justin Walker at Global Rescue phone 617-210-8110 or email at jwalker@globalrescue.com he can give you some options.

In the event of an emergency call: High Country Guide Service at (907)250-0768 or (907)775-1080

                                                             Global Rescue Operations at +16174594200 

Are you open with all the new corona virus health mandates?

Yes!!! we are open for business as of 5/31/20 all hunting and fishing trips are now available. We have filed a covid-19 response plan with the state of Alaska and are in full compliance with state health mandates and following all CDC guidelines. non-residents are also now allowed to come to Alaska, call for the details.